In Pond Raceway System: An Intensive Fish Production System - Dr. Jesse Chappell

Farmers are always looking for improved approaches to fish culture that provide higher yields and lower costs. The in-pond raceway system provides this opportunity.  This presentation will cover the basic IPRS technology as a practical and sustainable approach to up-date pond aquaculture. We will cover the theory as well as a practical guide to information and images for prospective IPRS adoptees. This introductory information will allow viewers to determine if they desire more detailed information leading to possible adoption.

Dr. Jesse Chappell, recently retired from Auburn University after 19 years as an Extension specialist and professor. Prior to that he worked in the catfish industry and owned/managed multispecies (24) hatchery company.  He has worked on development of In-pond Raceway Systems since 2004 and has spearheaded efforts supported by US Soy Farmers to extend the technology globally.  Adoption of IPRS technology by farmers continues to be rapid even within current COVID challenges. Currently, farmers in at least 16 countries are using this sustainable approach to pond aquaculture.

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