Recirculating Aquaculture Systems: Introduction to Components and Design Basics

 Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), There is a  growing interest in recirculating aquaculture systems.  Commercial scale RAS require substantial investment and high levels of management skill.  For these systems to be profitable they often run at high intensity which often translates to high risk.  Regardless of the scale of the system, the necessary system processes and components are often similar.  Designing a system requires significant planning and should not be taken lightly.  This webinar will provide a general overview, component selection options and functions including where and where to integrate specific pieces of equipment into an RAS design.

Huy Tran, senior biologist and co-owner of Aquatic Equipment & Design, Inc.  He has 30 years in the aquaculture industry, as a farm manager to system designer/integrator of RAS.  He worked in the aquatic toxicology industry, managed multispecies (29) broodstock and hatchery production, producing aquatic organisms for testing.  He has worked on turnkey aquaculture education systems and Aquaponics designs for the Aquatic Eco-Systems catalogs and sale from 1997- 2014. Developed and spearheaded Aquaponic and RAS markets globally for AES.

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