We need to know better the sea, the bottom of the sea, the workings of the sea and the products coming out of the sea. While the best way to be in touch with the sea is to be on the edge of it and even in it if possible, it would be a little utopian to expect each of us to have this opportunity.

While we have had the opportunity to write, support, and sometimes tell in person many things about the sea for as long as possible, the topics we have covered are not even as much as a grain of sand in the sand layer covering the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, compared to the rest.

One of the fastest ways to tell us and the generations that will come after us is the video format, and the most common video services are full of useful content, as well as rich in sea, submarine and seafood.

So why not have a platform where videos focused only on the sea and the benefits that can be obtained from the sea?

WATCH by DBC respects the creators' own rights and focuses on marine documentaries, educational videos on many aspects of water, especially fishing, seafood, and webinars in a relatively new format; and of course, enjoyable videos of underwater footage are added to help children instill good things about the sea.

WATCH by DBC is not only a place where the contents of the platforms that host videos are compiled together and offered to people with an interest in the sea, but also a place where you can learn new things according to your interests. Just like when you put your head in the water and turn your head to the open sea, and then open your eyes in the water. Here you will find many things that you want to clarify in your mind.

All videos presented as content on the site have been added with the “EMBED” method offered by video hosting providers as a usable sharing option, WATCH by DBC does not host any video on its own servers, nor does it provide a directive or link to download videos directly.

If you think that a content you have come across should not be here, please contact us via our contact form and submit your request to remove the content.

Thank you, stay with the sea.

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